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200507QUT Prof Selena Bartlet 2020 Tax A

A widely published author and commentator on addiction, obesity and smashing mindset. Selena offers highly practical applications to help organisations and individuals to deal more successfully with the stresses of the modern workplace and living. She has held prestigious positions with leading research institutes in the USA and Australia and has presented at many international conferences and symposia. Selena gained qualifications in mathematics and pharmacy before focusing on the brain’s role in mindset.

Get to know your brain to manage stress and trim the body 

"Like most people, I was not dealing well with the low levels of continued stress in my life. Stress had me turning to comfort foods, which tend to be high in fat and sugar, and sometimes to alcohol. It was stress-induced overeating and under-exercising that was wrecking havoc on my body. And my brain was driving it all." 

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Columnist for Body and Soul Magasine







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