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My purpose is to show people the value of neuroscience principles with real world applications. I focus on explaining WHY our brains do what they do. I teach people how to use neuroplasticity tools for better health and purpose in life.

Professor Selena Bartlett. PhD is a world-renowned neuroscientist and Group Leader of Addiction and Obesity at the Translational Research Institute, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation and Professor in Clinical Sciences at the Queensland University of Technology. Professor Bartlett has also stepped out of the lab to share her powerful message about how to train mindset using the principles of brain plasticity.


A widely published author and commentator on addiction, obesity and smashing mindset. Selena offers highly practical applications to help organisations and individuals to deal more successfully with the stresses of the modern workplace and living. She has held prestigious positions with leading research institutes in the USA and Australia and has presented at many international conferences and symposia. Selena gained qualifications in mathematics and pharmacy before focusing on the brain’s role in mindset.

Prof Selena Bartlett

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