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We love our children. As parents, we do the best we can. But parenting is the

hardest job on the planet, and it has become even harder in the digital age.

With staggering numbers of teens and even pre-teens on social media, child

safety is at risk more than ever before. Our children are “being seen” by their

screens more than by us—and this is having a serious impact on the mental

well-being of our youth.

In her book Being Seen, renowned neuroscientist and mother Selena Bartlett

cuts through the noise of the digital era to offer parents a science-backed,

practical guide to nurture their children’s brain health, manage stress and

foster resilience. It’s not just about limiting screen time—it’s about understanding

the neuroscience of brain development, parenting and connection.

As the digital world vies for their attention, learn how to make your children

feel truly seen by you, and how this visibility can lay the groundwork for their

well-being. This concise and accessible book contains real-world advice for

the most important job you’ll ever have: being the supportive and engaged

parent your child needs.

It’s never too late to become the parents we’ve always wished to be.


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