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Learn how to use neuroscience to become happy, healthy and strong  


My story begins with my sister Francesca – one that fell through the cracks of our mental health services. We watched as she struggled and did not thrive in her short life. Since 1989, I had an unwavering dedication to unravel the mysteries of the human mind and transform the way we approach mental health. Throughout my journey, I encountered countless individuals, families, and communities impacted by mental health challenges. Their stories resonated deep within me, fuelling my determination to find innovative solutions and offer hope. I studied, researched, collaborated, and pushed the boundaries of knowledge, all in pursuit of a singular goal: to pave a path towards genuine well-being.


For years, I delved into the depths of neuroscience, psychology, and various disciplines, driven by the burning desire to make a difference so that no-one would ever be left behind again. I have the conviction that every person deserves access to brain health and fitness education and simple to access tools.  Together, let's recognise the interconnectedness of our minds, our communities, and our world. Let's embrace the notion that mental health is not a solitary endeavor—it is a collective responsibility. Thriving Minds is here to guide you, empower you, and inspire you to create a future where mental well-being thrives and where everyone can unleash their full potential. Because when it comes to brain health, it is not just someone else's problem—it is everyone's business.

Prof Selena Bartlett


On the Thriving minds podcast we interview scientists and people like yourself that have stopped and prevented ACES and tell their story.  Get to know how the brain works using brain science education and simple tools that can assist with kickstarting neuroplasticity. 


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How to change the past using neuroplasticity


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