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Simple things that promote brain health in schools and community organisations

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Today, had the great pleasure of bringing neuroscience and neuroplasticity to the dedicated staff at YFS. The CEO, Catherine Bartolo leads the day with a speech to the people that was inspirational and focussed on the people in the amazing organisation. YFS is working alongside more than 7,000 people to support them to create positive change in their lives, from moving into a stable home to improving their resilience and creating thriving communities. Together we shared the gift of advances in neuroscience and the promotion of brain health becoming at the epicentre of change, from the individual to organisation, the communities, and the wider society. We discussed how it is starting with the little things first that add up to something great over time to help people thrive. The most important gift is giving brain health to ourselves first. In places where people commonly put others before themselves, we discussed how to we can take care of others second. Brain health is not a personal development add-on; it is the most important skill set we can build across society. Just as the Slip Slop Slap campaign changed our understanding of the impact of the sun on skin cancer. Neuroscience technology has changed our minds about how the brain works and specifically about behaviour.

Click on the link to the video and view some of the simple things you can try to change your mind about how your brain works. For example, what is your morning routine, how do you wake in the morning. Instead of grabbing a phone, try looking out the window and thinking of three things you are grateful for. We have new tools to both see inside and measure the health of the brain. As we head into 2022, it is more than time to change the conversation to brain health and fitness. Imagine a year dedicated, as we did to developing vaccines, we made brain health become everyone’s business.

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