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Learn from Brain Health Experts.

We have put together a small collection of the best minds in the brain health business, some of the favourite episodes and snippets from the guests that call themselves “accidental futurists”.

Link to the Thriving Minds podcast

The Thriving minds podcasts is being listened to in 99 countries, and now 2,251 cities, The program being produced in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and is now across all cities in Australia, cities in Canada, France, Norway, Ireland, USA, Serbia, Israel, Balearic Islands, Majorca, Spain to name a few.

You would have to agree that the ability to provide free access to information that was once in the hands of a few experts is one of the greatest benefits of technology and the platforms available for us to achieve unparalleled opportunities to offer people information, education and tools like never before. Of course, everything can be used for good or evil. We hope to do our best to bring to you the latest advances in neuroscience, from the experts, and from you the audience that serve to help you thrive.

There are 4 main themes that have arisen from examining the data on what people like to listen to.

Theme 1. Episode 100. The accidental futurists bringing the brain health revolution to the people. Learn how to tap into the secrets of thriving, health, resilience and grit based in neuroscience from the accidental futurists and how we stumbled into brain health and fitness.

Theme 2. Episode 102. Food and mood and its effects on brain health. There was an overwhelming interest in how sugar and processed food and stress wire the brain and what we can do about it.

Theme 3. Episode 104. Neuroscience of learning for educators and to improve well-being in schools. How to bring brain health to schools, teachers and parents.

Theme 4. Episode 106. People’s individual stories of brain health and fitness. Lea Guccione who used laughter to overcome cancer Alice Betts who learnt 3 languages at age 21 to become PR manager at ACNE studios and now an agency looking after Prada Pro-vice Chancellor Rowena Barrett helping us to develop and entrepreneurial mindset at any age.

Hope you enjoy a compilation from the Accidental Futurists who are putting the brain health and fitness revolution in motion. To keep the Thriving Minds podcast free of ads and sponsors.
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