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Digital Brain Health Lab


Our research laboratory is focused on addiction and obesity with a strong emphasis on translation into practice. Most recently the lab has shown that sugar is as addictive as alcohol and nicotine and developed a mHealth intervention to tackle obesity by reducing sugar intake.

Meet our lab members


Kimchheng Song

  • LinkedIn

Master Candidate, Research Assistant, Designer, Queensland University of Technology

Kim has extensive experience with designing apps for participants under the age of 18 and over. She has developed and tested an app for children, working closely with a team of therapists from the Mater Hospital, Oncology department. She designed and developed a gamified application that targets young patients under 18 years of age. She has experience with helping children become familiar with the app and its use. Currently, she is working on designing and evaluating a mHealth app to track sugar consumption.

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Peter Silk

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Mobile App Developer, Web App Developer, Translational Research Institute

Peter has experience developing gamified mobile apps for participants under the age of 18 and over.

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