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Seeing inside the womb when you are pregnant -see what you eat, drink and feel is changing faces

You unborn baby and you. Video and research by Professor Nadja Reissland.

In episode #103 of the Thriving Minds podcast we talk to the experts that created techniques to analyse 4D images of foetuses in utero. Link below.

They show foetuses smiling after the mother eats carrot or scowl after kale.

Seeing the faces of foetuses for the first time using 4D ultrasound with Professor Nadja Reissland at Durham University and Professor Jackie Blissett at Aston University.

Professor Nadja Reissland and Professor Jackie Blissett are experts in how mother’s eating changes the faces of foetuses. They are researching and building technology to allow us to see the changes in the facial expressions in utero in response to food, maternal depression on infant cognitive, emotional and social development.

Professor Nadja Reissland is in the Department of Psychology at Durham University her research interests are in early mother-infant interaction starting prenatally from 12 weeks of gestational age. Her expertise is on the effect of maternal stress and depression on infant cognitive, emotional and social development.

Professor Jackie Blissett is a Professor of Psychology, in the College of Health and Life Sciences at Aston Institute of Health and Neurodevelopment. She has been working in the field of children’s eating behaviour for over twenty years. In that time much of my research has focussed on the biological, affective and cognitive factors of parents and their children which influence parent-child interaction, particularly in the context of feeding and eating problems. I have a particular interest in children’s fussy eating including poor fruit and vegetable acceptance, emotional eating, and obesity.

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