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Happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating today!

Clare Hatton and Greta Thomas interviewed me on their podcast.

"I love the concept of a day for being thankful as the research behind the positive influence of gratitude on our mental wellbeing is well established.

What I didn’t know about however, and have neuroscientist and Professor Selena Bartlett to thank, is an exercise where you turn the tables somewhat and ask yourself who might be grateful for something you’ve done or influenced today?

Selena shares this and other super simple (and sometimes surprising) brain-health improving tips during a fascinating discussion she had with Claire Hatton and I on the latest episode of our podcast.

I’ve been trying this new gratitude exercise in addition to my ‘3 things I’m grateful for’ morning ritual, and it’s helping me get through a tough time where I’m supporting a close family member who’s just lost her husband.

It seemed so apt to share this today.

If you’re interested in optimising your brain health, then you can find this latest episode here:

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