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CURED. Spontaneous healing from incurable illnesses. Dr Jeff Rediger M.D Harvard Psychiatrist

CURED. Spontaneous healing from incurable illnesses by changing your beliefs and life. Dr Jeff Rediger MD, Harvard Medical School, Psychiatrist, Theologian, Author

Dr Jeff Rediger is a revolutionary intellectual in the field of spontaneous healing from incurable diseases. He has written the best selling book called CURED- Strengthen Your Immune System and Heal Your Life.

In episode #108 of the Thriving Minds podcast we discuss healing from mental and physical diseases. Link to the podcast here.


"When it comes to disease, who beats the odds -- and


When it comes to spontaneous healing, skepticism abounds. Doctors are taught that "miraculous" recoveries are flukes, and as a result they don't study those cases or take them into account when treating patients.

Enter Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, who has spent over 15 years studying spontaneous healing, pioneering the use of scientific tools to investigate recoveries from incurable illnesses. Dr. Rediger's research has taken hi

m from America's top hospitals to healing centers around the world--and along the way he's uncovered insights into why some people beat the odds.

In Cured, Dr. Rediger digs down to the root causes of illness, showing how to create an environment that sets the stage for healing. He reveals the patterns behind healing and lays out the physical and mental principles associated with recovery: first, we need to physically heal our diet and our immune systems. Next, we need to mentally heal our stress response and our identities.

Through rigorous research, Dr. Rediger shows that much of our physical reality is created in our minds. Our perception changes our experience, even to the point of changing our physical bodies--and thus the healing of our identity may be our greatest tool to recovery.

Ultimately, miracles only contradict what we know of nature at this point in time. Cured leads the way in explaining the science behind these miracles, and provides a first-of-its-kind guidebook to both healing and preventing disease."


  1. Humans need unconditional love

  2. We have to be doing what we are born to do

  3. Accepting and healing to find our true self

Learn About Dr Jeff Rediger at his website Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv, is a physician, best-selling author, and popular speaker. He is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Medical Director of McLean SE Adult Psychiatry and Community Affairs at McLean Hospital. A licensed physician and board-certified psychiatrist, he also has a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. His research with remarkable individuals who have recovered from incurable illnesses has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz Shows, among others. He has been nominated for the National Bravewell Leadership Award, and has received numerous awards related to leadership and patient care. His best-selling book, Cured: Strengthen Your Immune System and Heal Your Life, is available at Amazon, local bookshops, and in multiple languages.

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