Brain Health Becomes Everyone’s Business

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Brain Health Becomes Everyone’s Business


Do you know what is happening inside your brain when you are stressed out? It is not your fault. Few people are taught how the brain works especially how the brain processes stress. Advances in neuroscience, brain imaging technology and genome sequencing have come to bare only recently. We are getting a bird’s eye view into how the brain works, especially when it is under stress and what we can do to change the way we handle stress, anxiety and fear.


As Donald Rumsfeld said: “there are unknown unknowns”. This could not be truer for the way we view and treat the brain in the context of mental health disorders.  


We treat our own brain as if it is a piece of jelly that we have no control over. We have never been shown how to empower the brain in a forward direction away from generations of learnt habits. What we now know from brain science is that we have the power to learn how to become the boss of the brain.  

Brain Health Becomes Everyone’s Business

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