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People are everything. Fashion and neuroscience with Lydia Pearson.

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Have you ever wondered how a brand-new product, an idea or a new way of living appears out of nowhere? Today, we speak to Lydia Pearson, a fashion designer, teacher and someone creating new products and ideas every day. Having led a global fashion brand, Easton Pearson, through the highs and lows of the picky and tricky fashion world. Lydia is not shy about giving something hard a good shot. Nor is she afraid to pull the pin when things are not feeling right. Her biggest lesson in life is that people are everything.

The pandemic has shown how important people are as we face and fight a hidden virus. The pandemic has come with consequences to all our health, but at the same time, we are building resilience, strength, and determination. As we head out of the pandemic very slowly, we may want to return to how it was. Instead, imagine that there is something magical and much better waiting to happen just around the corner. We discuss the breaking down of something precious to you, like your hard-working fashion brand, Easton Pearson, into a museum archive. The Easton Pearson fashion archive now inspires generations to come. Lydia discusses the daily courage it took to get up, swim and run when she was at her lowest, that in retrospect, has led to a far better and more fulfilling life.

Lydia is now reaching back by teaching younger generations how to create and grow local businesses, and she is moving forward, with a new creation, ShiloLydia, stitching together new creations. The clothes are more artworks with a special purpose, they marry old and the new, by bringing our ancestors back to life. They take the ancestor's table linen, maybe someone we love that is present or passed, and they use the beautifully embroidered parts of the linen and switch it back into repurposed, well-crafted, high-end tailored shirts. Because creativity and having the courage to reinvent ourselves in new ways separates humans from most species. We are all trying to move forward by switching the embroidered parts of our past into our futures to create magic across our communities.

Join Lydia and I stitching our expertise together on the Thriving minds podcast.

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