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Escape from stress with Sarrah Le Marquand, Editor in Chief Stellar and Body and Soul Magazine.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

There is no doubt, to be human right now is not easy. It is almost impossible not to feel the shift underneath in the world order and the feeling is palpable. For us in Queensland and NSW, this is on top of catastrophic floods, and the pandemic. It is OK to be human and feel the suffering. It is also OK, to escape for a few minutes into worlds that seem far removed from danger, clean-up, masks, and strife. This is the beauty of creating worlds for others to escape to.

Join us today with Sarrah Le Marquand is the founding editor-in-chief of Stellar, the country’s most read Sunday magazine, and also editor-in-chief of Body+Soul, Australia’s leading health media brand. Sarrah is also a weekly panellist on the Today show and is a regular co-host of The Project. She has appeared on Sky News, Q&A, The Drum, Studio 10, The Morning Show, Sunrise and is a frequent guest on ABC Radio. In 2021 she was announced as the first ever ambassador for Women’s Community Shelters, an Australian charity providing crisis accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Thank you Sarrah for everything you are doing to help others have some relief.

This is the guest on Episode #82 on the Thriving Minds podcast.

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